WebFeePay is so customizable, it has the ability to cover any service that might be needed. Payers have the ability to pay their citations online at webfeepay.com, directly in the office using the over-the-counter solution, the IVR (automated phone system), or through the call center. In addition, payers may create an account to set up recurring payments and conveniently make structured interest-free payments on various costs.

Webfeepay is for entities whose charge covers more than just court citations, tax payments, and utility billing. The possibilities are endless with WebFeePay. Some of the examples this system is used for are Tag Renewals, Marriage License fees, Motor Vehicle charges, Notary Application Fees, Concert Tickets, Park Shelter Rentals, Decal Fees, Recreational Facility Enrollment Fees, and much more.

Our online reporting functionality allows you to see transactions that occur in your office at any time through your payment reports for easy reconciliation.