The BIS Tax Billing and Collection System is a complete software package for collecting real and personal property taxes. It automatically computes all tax bills, including penalties and interests. The system was designed with a user-friendly interface that offers integrated processing for working seamlessly between the assessors’ and collectors’ offices. The system improves accuracy, reduces the billing preparation period, and accelerates payment collections.

With the expert assistance of BIS, you can streamline your operation and increase productivity with an adaptable integrated management solution that is fast to implement, easy to customize, and simple to use and maintain. The system uses the latest technological advancements to make operating your office more efficient and incorporates up-to-date reporting for accurate accounts.

BIS also offers unmatched customer service, support, and training for your office. With over 30 years of experience in government software solutions, BIS is a leader in state-of-the art software development and support. Please contact one of our representatives for a full demonstration to see how BIS can improve your tax collections.



Some key features:

  • View account data that includes all taxes due, past due, and any liens
  • Automatically recalculate adjusted tax bills based on prior years
  • Make inquiries on bill number, tax payer name, owner name, parcel number, property identification number, or other user defined record ID
  • Transactions made by cash, check or credit card
  • Credit card transactions are processed within the system and BIS provides ACH services for all credit card transactions
  • Billing and printing with ease
  • Online records, bills, and shopping cart that automatically updates
  • The system can manage parcel splits, merges, and transfers and can create and update parcel records for multiple tax years, and maintain historical records
  • Prior record information is retained when updates to tax accounts are made
  • Easily make releases and adjustments to bills that includes audit trails and reports
  • Browser-based applications
  • Open-search tools for quicker information retrieval
  • Batch processing/batch reporting
  • Bar code readers for quicker payment processing
  • Audit friendly reporting tools
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Website tax display with shopping cart integration
  • In-house credit card processing and integration
  • Business Personal Tax schedules and listings
  • Check scanning (In-house lock box service)
  • Automatic document generation forms
  • CAMA/Assessment data import
  • Document attachments to records
  • Garnishment and payment plan integration
  • Outstanding customer support



TERRA CAMA is a comprehensive property appraisal software featuring an extremely accurate valuation engine for calculating property values and designed to increase the efficiency of the appraisal process. With its powerful valuation engine, TERRA offers all the traditional approaches to value, including cost, market, and income approaches, while conforming to strict appraisal standards.

TERRA’s multiple cost calculations include construction costing based on industry-wide leader Marshall & Swift. Land Valuation offers unlimited neighborhood and parcel classes to ensure equalization of like parcels. Parcel values can further be adjusted by percent or dollar amount to account for influence factors.

In addition, PUV values are calculated when appropriate TERRA includes all of the primary components of a full-featured property valuation and tax administration system and uses the latest technology to assure the efficiency of your office.

Some of the standard features of TERRA:

  • Complete log of your record updates
  • Integrated Marshall & Swift costing tables
  • Integrated APEX sketch tools
  • Database Independent
  • Tracks Splits, Merges, and Transfers
  • Maintain unlimited history