Smart Tax is a Business Tax software offered through BIS that has been developed specifically for cities, while working closely with the State of Tennessee Business Tax Portal Team.  Smart Tax will process transactions in real-time, while sending new applications to the State’s system. Smart Tax will also receive clearance licenses overnight, and update your local data automatically, eliminating the need of manual entry.

BIS currently provides all 95 counties in Tennessee with a Business Tax Program. With these relationships and knowledge, BIS was inspired to develop a program for you. We’re positive you’ll love Smart Tax!

Why Smart Tax?

  • Direct Two-Way Communication with the State of Tennessee
  • Generates State Files
  • Send and Receive State Files
  • View Transaction Logs
  • Offers Business Listings Reports
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Allows Automation
  • Web-Based Service – No Software to Install
  • View Detailed Cash Check Reports and
  • Balance Reports
  • Easily Generate Transient and Minimal
  • Activity License