The EZ Tag Dealer Drive-Out program streamlines the issuance of Drive-Out Tags by providing print-on-demand temporary tags. This program eliminates hand-written tags, forms, and log books by replacing them with print-on-demand tags, real-time audit logs, and providing multiple reporting interfaces.

The EZ Tag program allows customization to meet each State’s regulations with the capability to issue various Drive-Out Tag types. Each Drive-Out Tag that is issued produces a unique temporary tag number, expiration date, and temporary registration, all on-demand. EZ Tag allows the reprinting of temporary tags and printing of temporary extension tags. All Drive-Out Tags issued through the EZ Tag program are printed directly on weather-resistant paper.

  • Customizable to meet State Requirements
  • Provides State and Law Enforcement real-time access to retrieve tag information
  • Print-On-Demand Drive-Out Tags
  • Detailed Audit Logs
  • Multiple Reporting Features
  • Temporary Tag Extensions
  • Temporary Tag Reprints
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Various Tag Types: Vehicle, Motorcycle, Transportation, Internet Outage, and more

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