We are pleased to announce that York County Register of Deeds has chosen Business Information Systems (BIS) to provide their office with the software and imaging system known as The Registry.  The process to find a new system began in August of 2016 after an Evaluation Committee was formed to review ten proposals. The final decision for The Registry was based upon criteria set forth by the Evaluation Committee, which ranked BIS the highest overall. With The Registry, York County SC decided that this system would best meet their office’s technological needs and demands.

The Registry will assist York County, SC and their office during the recording process by providing receipting, scanning, indexing, verification, retrieval, financial management, web services, etc. York County started using The Registry inJanuary 2017, and the key decision was based upon the reputation of BIS. Not only did they find BIS to have a great reputation in South Carolina, but in the industry as well. BIS is very excited to welcome and build an ongoing relationship with York County, South Carolina.

For more information regarding ‘The Registry’ or to schedule a demonstration, please contact BIS at 1-866-514-5192.