Colleton County South Carolina, among other counties throughout the state, have chosen Business Information Systems (BIS) to provide their office with the package known as The RegistryThe Registry will perform duties, such as automated financial reports, OCR verification and redaction, and makes everyday tasks, such as cashiering, scanning, indexing, and verification much easier. As well as performing some of the duties listed above, The Registry also has an enhanced scanning module, EZ indexing module, back indexing module, and provides customer service and support for any questions that may arise.

The Registry can also be considered a customized record management software and can be tailored to meet your office’s workflow. Colleton County SC will be able to use this flexible, state of the art package for everyday use, and will be able to tailor the software, to best fit their needs. Since the installation in May of 2017, Colleton County SC, has been using The Registry for all of the tasks listed above and more. BIS is very excited and pleased to welcome Colleton County SC and we hope to continue a long, lasting relationship, as well as showing them the many benefits The Registry has to offer.

For more information regarding The Registry, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192.