BIS has officially started offering a program titled EZ Tag for the purpose of printing Dealer Drive-Out Temporary Tags. This new program will give dealers the ability to print a temporary tag number with an expiration date on weather resistant synthetic paper. Law enforcement will be able to scan and validate these temporary tag numbers. The information keyed to print the dealer drive-out tag is electronically submitted to the county clerk’s office making processing seamless. Dealers have communicated that this program is fast, efficient, and time saving.

This program is designed to revolutionize the entire dealer drive-out tag process and replaces the time consuming task of managing card stock dealer drive-out tags. There are numerous features about the Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag Program including, knowledgeable and friendly technical support, detailed reporting to show drive-out tags issued, monthly ACH payments for the State, secure login, and a user friendly website.

Some highlights of this program are Dealers will no longer have to manually keep inventory and audit logs of cardstock tags. Dealer drive-out tags are printed on demand and the data keyed by the dealer is submitted electronically to the County Clerk’s office. Law enforcement can now validate the drive-out tag with the printed barcodes allowing them to know right away if the tag is fraudulent. This program essentially benefits dealers, county clerks, and law enforcement, saving you time and money. If you have any questions about the Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag program, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192.