Crawford County has done an amazing job spreading the word about this program to their community. As stated in the article below, the program will notify individuals when a document is filed with their name on it, even when it may have happened without their knowledge. BIS’ software reads each document that is scanned into the system using OCR software that pulls names that match those who have registered for notifications. If there is a hit on someone’s name, an e-mail is immediately generated to that person’s e-mail address. They may then call or go to the recorder’s office to look at what document was filed with their name on it.’s-office-offer-free-fraud-alert.html?m

Fraud Alert can also be used as Gap Control. The same way an individual will be able to enter their own name with an e-mail address, a company can enter a client’s name with their own e-mail address. For example, a company may have done a 30 year title search on a client on Wednesday and they have a closing on Friday. That company can sign up to receive notifications for anything filed with their client’s name on it to prevent them from having to repeat their search in a few days. As a result, saving companies lots of time and money. For any information regarding the Fraud Alert Program, please contact BIS at 866-514-5192 or e-mail