This is a group of programs designed to automate the Vehicle Registration functions.

Specific functions include:

  •  Vehicle registration and renewals, and immediate printing of appropriate forms and receipts. The Motor Vehicle Application is designed to be extremely user-friendly and eliminates the need to use most cheat sheets. Each transaction type has a description describing what the transaction type is used for. (Ex: 007 Noting of Lien and Duplicate Title) Drop down boxes contain fuel codes, color codes, class codes, etc.
  • Appropriate daily and monthly reports and documents that are printed for each registration.
  • Data is accumulated automatically by the system for entry into the General Ledger.
  • Reports required by the State are printed in the proper format as requested by the State.
  • Various inquiry capabilities exist to facilitate the County Clerk’s Office, (ie. Inquiry by registration number, license, make of car, model, color, name, address, etc.)
  • A reconcilement report is produced daily for receipts, decals, plates, and fees.
  • A complete inventory of decals and license plates is maintained.
  • Provides Wheel Tax registration and printing of forms and receipts.
  • Prints 201 transactions using the State’s new format and renewals can print up to three receipts per page (as approved by the State).
  • FTP transmittal of daily 201 and renewal data to the State.
  • Daily Cash Drawer Report, Daily or date range Balance Reports, and Registration Reports.
  • Will be providing real time updates to the state upon state changes, and work with the state on all new state mandated changes.
  • Provides cross referencing of decal & tag with ability to search on decal.
  • Provides the option for online renewal processing and credit card acceptance as payment.
  • Provides to audit reports that more than satisfy the audit requirements.

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