This system provides for the entry and printing of all miscellaneous receipts. It stores those receipts for printing various reports and review at any time.

  • Entry and printing of all Miscellaneous Receipts.
  • The program is extremely user-friendly, efficient, and provides quick data entry.
  • Provides the ability to void receipts.
  • Has User Definable Books, Receipt Codes, and Rates.
  • G/L Numbers are assigned to receipt Codes.
  • Creates G/L Transactions in your cash receipts journal for posting to your G/L Daily.
  • Receipts can be printed on any selected printer.
  • Provides daily port report, daily balance report, and detail report by transaction code.
  • Provides search capabilities to look up receipts previously entered into the system.
  • Allows receipts to be printed on inexpensive two-part continuous computer forms.
  • It has the capability of adding Cash Drawers and Printers.
  • Provides audit reports that more than satisfy the audit requirements.

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