BIS Imaging Services

Computer imaging of paper documents will provide a backup in case of their loss, preserve and protect them from wear and damage, and make them accessible from multiple locations.

Book Scanning
Archive all the records in your office with our precise scanning methods and equipment. Our service includes scanning, enhancing, verifying, and uploading images to your computer system.

Index Book Scanning
Your index books are scanned, identified, and organized with our program to allow searches for particular documents with the grantor or grantee name of the documents, making old and new indexes available simultaneously, including public access over the internet.

Plat Scanning
Our comprehensive imaging service makes the largest plats quickly and conveniently accessible. We can scan back to the first available plats and can update your plats as new ones are recorded in your office, making the job of staying updated both easy and cost efficient.

BIS offers a complete Microfilm service. We create microfilm directly from digitally scanned images; thus, we eliminate costly and time-consuming in-house imaging. Prices are competitive, and image quality is second to none. We can also directly ship copies to state-sanctioned archives, saving your office valuable time.

Microfilm Conversion
Computer imaging of microfilm or fiche makes the information available anywhere with a computer station. This negates the need for specialized viewing equipment, and it preserves the microfilm against wear and tear. The digitized documents are much easier to reproduce and require no storage, as opposed to film or fiche.

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State-Of-The-Art Equipment
BIS uses the latest technology to digitally scan documents. Our equipment can scan bound books, unbound books, wide-format books and plats. We can scan any type of document and deliver it in multiple formats.


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