With Business Information Systems’ Electronic Filing Portal (EFP), recording documents has never been easier. The EFP is an Internet-based portal that allows filers to record documents electronically from anywhere they have a computer directly to the recorders office.

EFP works with the leading efile vendors and allows for a seamless integration with The Registry. The document is sent through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to the BIS Web Service where the data is securely passed to our E-Recording Receiving Server. The document is first stored as an original document that will remain in perpetuity and can be accessed by any third-party, so an image of your original document will always be available. A second process takes the documents XML data and breaks it down into an image and data fi le for recording, indexing and online retrieval purposes. Once the recording process is completed, the document is returned to the submitter along with all relevent recording information. Payments are processed via Automatic Clearing House (ACH) by the submitting vendor.

For more information to find out how BIS can help you achieve greater efficiency with your recorded documents, contact us to schedule an appointment for a demonstration and see how EFP can make your document fi ling easy. Call (866) 514-5192 or send an email to sales@bisonline.com

E-file Anytime is another great service developed by BIS. The technology allows attorneys, realtors, and title companies around the country to file documents easily, securely, and quickly from the comfort of their own office to the Register of Deeds office. All that is needed is a computer/scanner, an internet connection, and an Electronic Filing Service Provider (BIS).

How it works:
It’s paperless! You simply navigate through a series of easy-to-use browser-based screens that will gather the required index information, such as document type, grantor/grantee, taxable amounts, number of pages, etc. You then upload the document over a secure connection. Instantly, the viewable document is sent from your office to be recorded. After recording, this document is electronically routed back to your office – paperless and postage free.

Technical Requirements:

Account signup is required with the register in the county in which you wish to file. There is no software to install. The minimum requirements are a scanner and a web browser with internet access. eFile is simple to use; just scan, sign on, and submit your documents. Contact your BIS representative to learn more about eFile, PRIA Level III, and electronic paperless transactions.