This is a group of programs designed to manage the task of collecting business taxes. Specific functions include:

  • Automation of all necessary information to allow for printing of Business Tax Forms.
  • Quarterly Return printing by class for each business for mailing Business Tax Forms.
  • Automatic verification and auditing occurs as tax return information is entered. Tax calculations are automatically performed to save time during entry of the data. All data is entered on one screen and includes immediate correction and printing capability.
  • Receipts and new business licenses are prepared.
  • Complete reconcilement of tax receipts by each business to State’s gross receipts is performed.
  • Monthly reports of additions and deletions are available on request.
  • Reconcilement of list of Business from State to list maintained by the County is provided.
  • All transactions are printed daily to provide proper audit trails. Additional audit reports are printed to satisfy auditor requirements.
  • Computer-generated listings and mailing labels by business classifications can be printed on request.
  • Customizable reminder and delinquent listings and notices and Distress Warrant Issue printed from the system.
  • Provides subcontractor monitoring and reporting.
  • Users can Inquiry by business account number, business name, owner name and/or address location of business.
  • Provide audit reports that more than satisfy the audit requirements.
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