Angie Rutherford

Director of Human Resources and Office Administration

Angie joined BIS in 2002 as a Bookkeeper, since then she has been a part of many different functions throughout BIS. Angie is responsible for overseeing employee recruitment, company relations, payroll, morale, and benefits.  Angie also serves on the Northeast State Advisory Board for the Computer Science Department.

Brandon Parker

Director of Sales and Marketing

Brandon joined BIS in 2004 as a Solutions Consultant. Brandon has recruited several new states and managed multiple clients throughout his career at BIS. Brandon oversees the overall sales processes, organizes Sales and Marketing practices, and ensures that sales methods result in the highest level of customer satisfaction. In addition, Brandon previously served on the Board of Directors.

Hannah Hylton

Marketing Manager

Hannah joined BIS in 2007 as helpdesk support for Title Searcher. She has since held several positions in different departments throughout BIS. Hannah is responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for BIS. She also oversees branding, advertising, website development, and company events. In addition, she is the Solutions Consultant for Tennessee Trustees and Municipalities, where she is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction.

Joel Emory

Sales Manager

Joel joined BIS joined BIS in 2012 in the Sales Department. Joel provides many years of experience to the Sales Team. He is responsible for leading the sales team by providing guidance, creating sales plans, analyzing data, and assigning sales territories.

Jonathan Goins

Operations Manager

Jonathan manages the Clerk Support, Clerk Analysts, VTRS Support, and Purchasing & Inventory. Jonathan joined BIS in 2008 as a part of the Support team. He since then has held various positions throughout BIS as and has worked with both the Clerk and Land Records software with numerous projects over the years.

Matt Winegar

Operations Manager

Matt manages Land Records Support, Online Services Support, Tax Support, and Hardware Service. Matt joined BIS in 2005 as a member of the Support department. Matt has held several positions at BIS and been a part of the Land Records Support Team, Clerk Support Team, where he was the team leader for each of these departments. He watched BIS grow and expand from a small support team to the multiple current support teams. Matt serves on the Northeast State Advisory Board for the Computer Science Department.

Robert Mello

Software Development Manager

Rob joined BIS in 2010 as an Application Specialist for the Online Services Department. Rob held several different roles in the Online Services Department. He then transferred to Software Development Manager where he oversees multiple development departments including Land Records, Web, Tax, Clerk, Server-dev, and Database.

Stoney Hale II

Executive Consultant

Stoney joined BIS in 2004 as a Clerk Developer. Stoney transferred to Solutions Consultant where he provides solutions to 95 counties in Tennessee for Clerk services and has been a key member in the design, training, and implementation for EZ Tag Dealer Drive-out Tag, Electronic Insurance Verification System, Vehicle Title and Registration System, and Auto Assistant.  With 22 years of sales experience, he has been the key relationship manager for over 100 customer installations and upgrades, while also engaging large contracts by providing outstanding customer satisfaction. In addition, Stoney has served on the Board of Directors as Member, Treasurer, and Secretary.